Matty Byloos Paintings Series
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I didn’t study painting as an undergrad, but I was painting then, equally seriously and in the same studios as the art majors. Though I almost got an MFA in creative writing, I ended up choosing fine art, and was accepted to the Art Center College of Design in the spring of 1999. I haven’t included any of the paintings that I made back in graduate school; the work represented here begins in early 2002, after graduating (MFA 2001), spending a few months in San Francisco, and returning to my first studio in L.A., a shared space with Taft Green on Washington near Crenshaw.

Reclaimed Houses Series 2007-8

The Reclaimed Houses paintings are the most recent complete group, concluded in late 2008. First exhibited in June-July at a solo exhibition in Culver City (Sandroni Rey Gallery). Later, an individual work from the series was included in the gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, a group show opening the fall season, September 2008. The final painting from the group was made not from the original photographs, but from the LA Times review image (July 2008) and was shown at LA Art, the fair in January 2009.

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Byloos Reclaimed Houses
Byloos Silverlake Reservoir

Silverlake Reservoir Series 2005-7

The Silverlake Reservoir is an unusual place, an area where I used to take daily walks. During this time, I began to document my walks with photographs, focusing on the architectural details that struck me as interesting or odd, through countless afternoons. After the Hancock Park series, I wanted to continue working with architecture, and began to focus more on the drawing aspect of each work. Paintings from this Reservoir Series were exhibited in solo and group shows at such venues as Dust Gallery in Las Vegas, Sarah Gavlak in West Palm Beach, FL, and Toomey-Tourell Gallery in San Francisco, among others.

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Miscellaneous Paintings 2003-current

These paintings represent everything that falls outside of the distinct series, typically made before or after in times of painterly transition, from graduate school to the present. Issues of drawing and painting (and defining the distinction between the two); how painting can be used to represent a moment versus how a photograph might capture the very same moment; and the more obvious painterly issues of color, space, form and surface all are a part of these works. These paintings were exhibited at various venues, from art fairs (Scope, Art Basel Miami, LA Art) to galleries (Sullivan Goss in Santa Barbara, Toomey-Tourell in San Francisco and others).

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Byloos Miscellaneous Paintings
Byloos Hancock Park

Hancock Park Sister Series 2002-5

The Hancock Park Sister Series was the first complete group, a body of work that marked a serious departure from earlier paintings made throughout graduate school (1999-2001). They were first exhibited in the fall of 2003 at a solo exhibition in Los Angeles (Solway Jones Gallery). I continued to develop more paintings in the series after the first exhibition, and two years later showed the second half of the Sisters at the same gallery, also in the fall (2005). I learned a lot from this body of work, and produced a catalogue for the entire series, entitled Re-Make / Re-Model, after the Roxy Music album of the same title.

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